Thinking Positively May Save Your Life

According to the latest report in The Journal of the American Medical Association by Becca Levy, an associate professor of epidemiology and psychology at Yale University who has been researching the effects of negative and positive stereotyping in older adults, suggests that seniors with this positive bias are 44%  more likely to completely recover from a struggle with disability. Study showed that when seniors are introduced to negative stereotyping they are more likely to suffer memory loss, have poor physical functioning and possibly die earlier as opposed to seniors who are introduced to positive stereotyping. More here

High Blood Pressure May Slow Walking Speed

Research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society states high blood pressure can effect your walking speed. Researchers were aware that older adults with high blood pressure were not as likely to function as well as adults without high blood pressure. Studies also have  shown that adults with the condition run higher risks of becoming physically impaired as they age. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Washington in Seattle conducted a study that may give proof that  high blood pressure can actually slow walking speed over the course of time. More here

Physical Activity May Improve Cognitive Functions

New evidence has found a direct correlation with the importance of physical daily activity and maintaining or even potentially improving cognitive functions throughout life. Hayley Guiney and Liana Machado, researchers from the University of Otago, New Zealand, found that increase in physical activity can improve memory and or mental disabilities in older adults. Adults that were more physically active scored higher on mental tests than their peers that were not as physically active. Research has proved that a variety of cognitive functions such as selective attention, task switching and memory all seem to benefit from aerobic exercise. The body is now not the only thing that can benefit from daily physical activity. More here